Tools Partners

Below are the companies we choose to support and carry in the Roxi Gray Boutique

All of our tools are manufactured out of 403 Grade Stainless Steel. Each is crafted to meet surgical grade standards. They are built to last a lifetime.

At Disorderly Conduction, it is our mission to provide a safe, effective, and stylish electronic nail to the community – to our friends – to ensure the most enjoyable dabbing experience possible!

Leading the Industry in Quality & Innovation. Made in Denver, CO!

The MiniNail is made in Seattle, WA and is built for the daily dabber in mind. It is an all-in-one box package that includes Universal Grade2 Ti Nail, carbcap/dabber. Every MiniNail comes pre-calibrated to ensure accurate temperature on the display to the dabbing surface, a lower power usage at only ~89 watts, all grounded Mini connections for a longer life, and a rugged design to handle everyday usage. MiniNail is focused to continue delivering top quality vaporization tools & equipment so you can get the most out of your concentrates!

HIGH FIVE VAPE also known as HIGH5 designs and develops E-nails, Enails, E-rigs, Portable E-rigs, Concentrate and Flower vaporizers, Wax pens, Rosin Presses, Rosin Accessories such as Pre-press molds, Micron Pouches/Screens/Bags, Rosin Plates and much more. We are constantly innovating and engineering new ways to improve the current state of vaporization. We emphasize on providing consumers with products that are reliable, user friendly and above all affordable. We focus on affordability without sacrificing quality or reliability