Roxi Gray specializes in crafting fine Hash and Rosins cultivated exclusively in organic bioactive soil for a poison free solvent-less medicine in a true single source from soil to oil.

Specialty Hash & Rosin crafted in the hills of Maine.

Quality is experienced in purity.

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During the great quarantine of 2020 we took a little bit of everything to make this full bodied hash rosin, except the brown bomber. Because no one wants to shit themselves without toilet paper.

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Medicine: Hash Rosin

Name: Hasholation

Line: House

Micron: 45u, 72u, 90, 120u


Flower Type: Dry Cured Frozen Whole Plant

Strain: Roxi Gray Original Blend

Grower: Roxi Gray

Extract Artist: Roxi Gray

Growing Media: Organic Living Soil

Light: Sun

Growing Method: Fully Organic


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