Roxi Gray specializes in crafting fine Hash and Rosins cultivated exclusively in organic bioactive soil for a poison free solvent-less medicine in a true single source from soil to oil.

Specialty Hash & Rosin crafted in the hills of Maine.

Quality is experienced in purity.

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Roxi Gray Hash Rosin

Cipher Capsules

0820 Capsules Collection

Roxi Gray | L20mg | Lifted | Cipher Caps

D9-THC 20mg
Essential Endocannabinoids 20.2mg Total 12mg D9-THC, 6.79mg THCA per capsule
Contains full spectrum medicinal endocannabinoids: D9-THC, THCV, CBG, CBC, CBN, THCA, CBDA, CBGA, a-pinene, b-pinene, camphene, myrcene, limonene, teerpinolene. linaloo, b-caryophellene, humulene,
Batch ID: RGHRC20A-84611-820

D9-THC 100mg
Essential Endocannabinoids 92.5mg total 84.3mg D9-THC per capsule
Contains full spectrum medicinal endocannabinoids: D9-THC, THCV, CBD,CBC, CBN, THCA, CBGA, a-pinene, caphene, myrcene, b-pinene, 3-carene, a-terpinene, limonene, eucalyptol, g0terpinene, terpinolene, linalool, b-caryophyllene, humelene
Batch ID: RGHRC100A-84613-820

THCa 20mg
Essential Endocannabinoids 19.2mg Total – 17.7mg THCa per capsule
Containing Full Spectrum Medicinal : THCA, D9-THC, CBDV, CBG, CBDA, CBGA, alpha-pinene, beta-pinene camphene, myrcene, 3-carene, alpha terpiene, gamma- terpinene, limoene, ocimene-2, eucalyptol, terpinolene, linalool, beta-caryophellene, humulene
Batch ID: RGHC20NA-84612-820


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