Roxi Gray | Studio

Click the link below and it will take you to the gallery of the studio.  There you can see how we process our dried cured flower into ice water hash, then into rosin or capsules.

Roxi gray | Garden

Feel free to click the button below and check out our gallery of the garden.  You will see how we grow outdoors in the hills of Maine.  We utilize organic living soil.  We hand water our plants and create our own mixture for our compost tea to feed the soil.

Roxi Gray | Boutique

Roxi Gray | Boutique

about | Roxi Gray

Roxi Gray specializes in crafting fine Hash and Rosins cultivated exclusively in organic bioactive soil for a poison free solvent-less medicine in a true single source from soil to oil.

Specialty Hash & Rosin crafted in the hills of Maine.

Quality is experienced in purity.

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Roxi gray | lab test results

The button below will bring you to our test results.  We have been testing for Cannabinoid & Terpene Profiles.  We have shared these with you so you can see the scope of the medicine we offer.  Having a variety of terpenes at a minimal quantity allows you to get a true entrouage effect.