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Craig Christopher O’Connor Jr. & Elisabeth O’Connor

Husband & Wife Team

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Roxi Gray has taken a renaissance approach to cannabis cultivation, where we have created a vertically integrated organic soil grown cannabis garden,  artisan hashish studio, and a hash & rosin gallery.  All of our products are one hundred percent sole source. That means we can guarantee each harvest is poison free, organic, soil grown and processed without any solvents for a perfectly crafted whole plant cannabis extract from soil to oil.
All of Roxi Gray extracts are crafted with our own whole  plant cannabis flowers grown organically and sustainably. Throughout cultivation, harvest and each step of processing, we use absolutely no chemicals, pesticides, synthetics, or any petrochemical byproducts or equipment. Our studio never utilizes deadly gas or any other permitted hazardous solvent.
The painstaking process utilized by Roxi Gray requires extra effort and careful planning and timing in our garden, studio, and shop.  We are committed to provide unadulterated whole essential medicinal cannabis extracts cultivated in a clean pure organic sun grown soil, with love, compassion, and faith.